Sunday, May 15, 2011

simple sleepless night...

Sleep has been eluding me, a restlessness surrounds, I don't know the reason, or perhaps I know but don't want to admit... after continuously staring at the ceiling in the darkness and after a endless series of  tossing and turning on the bed I finally decided to give that crisp sheet some relief....and got up, walked to this chair....but nothing seems to be helping.  Even if I write it down here, it won't be of any help, but may be I just needed a space to vent it out, the good thing about writing on a blog is, even though your post may never be read or that page might never be visited, but you somehow feel like you are addressing an audience.... even though it's a mute audience, doesn't matter, it's human nature, we will do all the dramas only when we have got an audience, trust me... loneliness keeps us more sane..........
But anyway, time to go back to that messed up bed with a messed up mind....... if you ask me what I desire the most at this moment... I would say, I want to believe that there are angels up there, let one of them come to me, softly ruffle my hair and rub my hurting scalp and sing me a lullaby and put me to sleep...

ps- another wish i have....... wish there was a 'restore factory setting' mode for this mind/heart too ... life would have been so damn simple !( well, even though i'm not convinces about the last part..."life would..." but that's how i feel at this moment at least )


  1. There just might be an angel for you, but the angel might be having direction problems in finding the way to your place. Angel might drop in anytime and lull you to sleep, but that might take another day, or another.

    Till then, be your angel, and let the life be a pleasant lullaby. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Yes, life might become simpler with that angel coming into it, but then it would be less magical :)


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