Friday, May 20, 2011

a yellow banyan leaf.....

A rainy grey may afternoon in ktm, nothing unusual about it, ktm has unusually rainy summers which everyone living here is quite used to. I sit by a table of this open cafeteria in this posh lane of embassies. Embassies of two massive empires stand here side by side, UK and India. I almost laugh at the irony, once upon a time, one of them was under the control of the other and now that one stands alone, independent and almost as mighty as the other one. Anyway lets get out of the politics, that's not my favourite topic . So,  I sit here alone and sip my coffee, utterly dark and sweetly bitter just like the day, waiting for a friend whom I haven't met in years.
The gathering on the next table gathers my attention too, it's a group of hippies sitting there, immersed in some serious talks it seems. I wonder how they manage to look alike, they are a complete community in themselves, they may not belong to same country, they may not speak the same language or follow the same religion but they all look so similar. I wonder how is it possible, then I get my answer by my own self, hasn't it been numerous times that people mistake me for my colleagues, just because of the same white coats that we wear, so, it's like if all the lawyers wearing their robe can look similar, all the doctors in their white coats can look similar then why can't all the hippies look same, with those same unkempt hair, those colorful tattoos, those worn out garments and most importantly with that 'I'm restlessly at peace' attitude. Frankly I envy them, I do, I just wish I had the same kind of attitude in me, who cares for the world.....all I want is my slice of peace !
 The fallen yellow leaves of banyan which stands across the road are happy with the drizzle it seems, they might be lifeless scientifically but it seems the drops of rain are providing them the final salvation, some them even manage to fly across the road when in between the drizzle strong breeze intervenes, and hit my table. And thus the memories start hitting me too, memories of people so fond of, of places so far off... my heart almost aches. I wonder at life's chameleon nature, always changing it's color. Just like the day today, it was a sunny morning to wake up to then some pleasant breeze to accompany while walking for the brunch and now it's a gloomy afternoon. Life which once had all the colors of rainbow, now looks like today's gray sky... which has nothing to ask for, nothing to look forwards too, nothing to wish for for and hardly anything to feel much like a fallen yellow leaf with last  few drops of rain on it......

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  1. The world it seems is full of ciphers and triggers, that once deciphered or released, open up a ches of emotions or realizations. Nature hides secrets in plain sight, it seems.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete


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