Saturday, October 15, 2011

High on Life !

it's time for personal new year again :) and i feel high on life
this time of the year always brings a new zeal with it, this year too i feel bubbling with energy... there is sooo much to do.... and as the great ones said "our time is limited !" so without wasting it anymore i better start with life ....
the 'to-do' list is a veryyy long one....and a tough on too.... but i'm all set to give it my best shot ....
  • will read.... n read.... n read... (sounds boring??? nay, trust me it's fun !)
  • will definitely write more ! (*seriously*)
  • won't waste time worrying ( worries suck... big time !)
  • will talk less and listen more ( you thought i meant it ??? :p )
  • will shop wisely ( i wish i can make the statement come true...*sigh*)
  • will try living healthy (now this one comes in priority... and who-so-ever is reading this lame post pls try doing this for yourself )
  • will make the best of me possible :) :) :)

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