Friday, October 7, 2011

unmasking the masked !

I'm a master of disguise..... trust me, i've always been that way, always hidden under some mask, which doesn't show its true face to the world outside... and at times even i  myself cannot see the face hidden behind that camouflaged being, i try, i search but it becomes frustratingly difficult to get that real face out.
i attribute this stubbornness to this outside world which forces us to keep up with it and walk with it without questioning or taxing our mental faculties as to why we are that way. and we poor beings are so busy coping up with the pressure the world puts upon us that we often tend to forget what  we actually want....

have you seen those clowns performing in a circus..... we actually are those clowns.... whatever we come up with is just a performance....most of the times, we are not living rather, we are just putting  up a show, a show to please everyone around except us .... and this my friend accept it or not is the truth !

we have been running away from our own selves, we have been shutting our own selves off, suppressing the poor soul to let the outer world flourish.... and worst part is that all these sacrifices won't make us a martyr !
and why play a martyr.... when you were sent here with a purpose, a purpose of living, living a life that is healthy in all possible ways, a life that lives and let others live....a life that's meant to make this world a better place to live

there is so much to do, to see, to learn, to feel.....and the time is really limited !

i wonder what was i wasting the time on .... may be it wasn't getting wasted, it was in fact giving me a lesson... a lesson which i must practise..... i know i'm blabbering too much..... too much of nonsense, but that's how i've always been, seeking sense in nonsense.... :)
for the world outside ,I'm a No-Nonsense person.... and to my inner world, i know nonsense rules the world : p and i like it that way ! because i know, in there is a person who dreams insanely and infinitely.... in there is a person whose ideas are larger than life.... in there is a person who seeks a world which is too ideal to exist in reality ! but, even if  those dreams are impossible, those ideas insane and that spirit a bit crazy.... that is what the real me is all about....
so those starry eyes , that soft heart and that tough spirit is going to give it all that it takes ... after all it's only one life you  have got, so why not take a chance, why not take the risks and why not live?

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